Using the Team Builder Profile Tool to Build Team Health

By Samantha Freeman, Julie Golden and Steve Lear

Ask any working adult what one of the most critical factors of their organization’s success is, and they will often say it is having a healthy team environment.

Consolution agrees! To help our clients improve the way they work together, we developed our foundational Team Health tool: The Team Builder Profile (TBP). This innovative tool enhances team health by increasing self-awareness while building team-awareness. Our Team Builder Profile teaches our clients how to build trust amongst their teammates, ultimately becoming more productive – completing tasks in less time and with less frustration.

Lior, The Executive Director of one of our client organizations, said that his Team Builder Profile made him more aware of how to work in his natural style. It helped him understand “how I communicate with others and where to focus my own time.”

A Team Builder Profile is customized for each person. It includes their photograph, a short bio, and their results from three exercises:

  • Kolbe Wisdom™ helps individuals to recognize and value the instinctive way they take action. Each participant receives a personal interpretation of their results from a certified Kolbe Consultant.
  • Values Cards is an exercise that identifies each person’s top 5 values to understand how they can be used to increase team productivity.
  • Communication Builder™ reveals how someone prefers to give and receive information, the best and worst times to communicate with them, and what kind of support they need when stressed.

Studies confirm the importance of these three exercises in determining how a team will work together. “It’s the “deep level” factors you can’t see at a glance, such as the members’ personality traits, values and abilities, that tend to have a much bigger impact on work teams,” (Bell, American Psychology Association).

Lior said that the Team Builder Profile process has helped his team to avoid unnecessary conflict. He said understanding everyone’s behaviors and the intentions behind their actions helps them communicate effectively to get things done.

One of Lior’s team members, Mutasem, said: “I used to write long emails with so much detail for everyone, because this is who I am. But now I do this only for the other data-oriented colleagues, and for the others I try to summarize the data in a way that will help them make important decisions.”

Consolution focuses on building the individual’s ability to work well within their team, rather than their ability to work on any one project – opening endless possibilities. Mutasem already sees what the TBP can help his team achieve: “Our team is more effective now than any time before.”