The Consolution Process

“Steve Lear and his team began working with us during a critical moment for our organization and made all the difference in getting us to where we needed to be as a team, leading the organization. Their practical methodology and tools, and their relentless curiosity about us, our needs, and internal dynamics made all the difference.”

-Executive Director of a Middle East community organization under the academic sponsorship of the Harvard Negotiation Project


The Consolution Experience Process: Becoming Our Client

The Consolution Coordinator is the hub of our network, an executive coach and mentor who connects your Community Organization with the Coaches, Consultants, and Contributors who help you reach your goals.


Consolution’s four-step process helps our Coordinator develop a custom plan of action to address your organization’s unique needs:


  1. First Meeting – No Cost Consultation: Our Coordinator meets with the executive leaders to listen and learn about your organization’s challenges and opportunities.


  1. Second Meeting – Strategy: Our Coordinator meets with executive leaders a second time to outline our approach to solving your challenges. If you decide our approach has merit, the Coordinator begins to build a team of Coaches, Consultants, and Contributors for consideration.
  1. Executive Leader Commitment: Our Coordinator arranges meeting (s) between the executive leaders and coach/consultant candidates. At this point, leadership makes two decisions: 1.) whether to enroll in The Consolution Experience in a focused (priority challenge) or comprehensive (full program) format; 2.) who to hire.
  1. Leadership Team Support: If an organization commits to our full program, the Coordinator also meets with the leadership team. To move forward, at least 80% of the team must endorse the plan.
  1. Contributor Support: Once the Community Organization accepts the proposal, the Coordinator submits a grant request to our contributor network. The Coordinator asks Contributors to help pay part of your coaching costs.


  1. Fee Agreements: We negotiate and sign fee agreements.
  1. Plan of Action: Your Coordinator delivers a written plan of action to clear your productivity roadblocks and achieve your goals. Documenting this custom plan creates clarity and assigns action steps.


  1. Coaching/Consulting/Coordinating begins: Our team goes to work! Whether you choose to focus on a single priority or our entire program, we’ll install the tools and processes needed to resolve your challenges. You’re on your way to becoming more healthy, effective, and sustainable! Throughout The Consolution Experience, your Coordinator continues to monitor your progress. The Coordinator acts as an accountability director for all parties, to make sure your organization receives the help—and results—you expect.