Mentoring for Coaches/Consultants and Executives

Steve’s unique perspective and constant drive for improvement have been instrumental to my professional development. He challenges me to dig deeper, think differently, and provides additional support and resources for my clients. There is no question that I am a better consultant because of his mentorship.”

Erin Werde, President, Instinctive Advantage Consultants

Mentoring is a collaborative relationship that usually occurs between two people—a wise and generous advisor and a smart protégé, to advance the protégé’s growth, learning, and career development.

Consolution has assembled a group of wise and generous mentors—our Consolution Coordinators—who will inspire, motivate and tell you the truth. They are executive coaches, interested in helping you discover your direction as you learn Consolution’s methods to make Community Organizations more healthy, effective, and sustainable.

Consolution offers a mentoring program for the following network partner groups:

Coach and Consultant Mentorship Benefits

The Consolution Experience uses both Coaches and Consultants to train Community Organization leadership teams. Each role has a specific purpose:

  • A Coach focuses on the person responsible for solving challenges and addressing opportunities. Coaches assume the client is the expert in their organization. The Coach’s role is to be a sounding board and facilitator, who helps the leader explore options and discover solutions.
  • A Consultant focuses on the challenge to be solved. The Consultant is the presumed subject matter expert. The Consultant’s role is to provide the answers and solutions to resolve a particular challenge.

All Consolution Coaches and Consultants are highly experienced professionals. Some may already be familiar with most of our core processes, while others may specialize in specific tools or a particular deliverable. For those new to this material or new to coaching Community Organizations, one-on-one mentoring provides the following benefits:

  • deeper knowledge of Consolution’s methodology
  • an understanding of the operational differences between the public and private sector
  • increased confidence and expertise in using our tools

Coaches will also have the opportunity to become certified in the tools and processes of The Consolution Experience.

Executive Leadership Mentorship Benefits

Executive leadership includes the board chair and the Community Organization’s two leaders. The Consolution Coordinator’s one-on-one coaching helps leaders build their organizational capacity — and maintain their sanity Leaders learn how to:

  • build confidence in their leadership skills and decision-making abilities
  • understand the consequences of their actions
  • minimize loneliness, using their Coach as an advisor and sounding board while working through solutions to their challenges


The shared wisdom of mentorship is a gift that keeps on giving.

Contact Steve Lear ( or Marcy Harris ( at The Consolution Project (952-905-4805) to learn more about joining the Consolution mentorship program

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