Community Organization Services

Through customized coaching and training, Consolution helps Community Organizations clear their productivity roadblocks to achieve goals faster and with less frustration!

We work exclusively with not for profits, government agencies, and educational institutions.


Community Organizations need to make decisions and solve problems. We get it. We’ve worked to support Community Organizations for over 40 years; we believe in their services and understand their challenges. In these times of unprecedented change, professional training can be the difference between surviving and thriving. Yet Community Organizations often lack the dollars to invest in top-level coaching. Consolution changes that! We’ve created a unique partnership network of Coordinators, Coaches/Consultants, and Contributors dedicated to helping Community Organizations become more healthy, effective, and sustainable.


Our name describes our mission. Consolution provides constructive solutions to help Community Organizations enhance their operational effectiveness and increase their impact. The Consolution Experience offers both focused and comprehensive coaching for executive leaders and their leadership teams in five key training deliverables: leadership development, team health, organizational effectiveness, strategic planning, and decision making and project management.



Proven Tools & Processes

Top thought leaders like Jim Collins, Stephen Covey, CJ DuBe’, Viktor Frankl, Napoleon Hill, Kathy Kolbe, Patrick Lencioni, Doug Lennick, Mike Paton, Dan Sullivan, Shannon Waller, and Gino Wickman inspired our operating system. Their collective wisdom influenced the tools and techniques we created to optimize performance so you can focus on delivering your mission.

Practical Solutions

Our training provides practical, proven strategies to overcome the challenges you face every day. You’ll learn how to:

  • work with someone who has an entirely different method of operation than you do
  • run a meeting that’s both productive and compelling (really)
  • make everyone accountable for their role in completing a project
  • avoid endless debate to put decisions into actions

Custom Training

Clients can choose focused training in a single deliverable or enroll in the complete Consolution Experience with comprehensive training in all five deliverables. Each client receives a custom plan of action outlining what’s needed to overcome their specific roadblocks.

Shared Funding

To make our training affordable, each group in our network shares part of the cost of training. This joint financial investment makes our unique system a true partnership. All members — the Coordinators, Coaches/Consultants, and Contributors — are working together to help Community Organizations fund The Consolution Experience.


Find constructive solutions for your unique challenges.

Contact Steve Lear ( or Marcy Harris ( at The Consolution Project (952-905-4805) to set up a free consultation.

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