The Consolution Process

“Steve Lear and his team began working with us during a critical moment for our organization and made all the difference in getting us to where we needed to be as a team, leading the organization. Their practical methodology and tools, and their relentless curiosity about us, our needs, and internal dynamics made all the difference.”

-Executive Director of a Middle East community organization under the academic sponsorship of the Harvard Negotiation Project


The Consolution Experience Process: Becoming Our Client

The Consolution Coordinator is the hub of our network, an executive coach who connects your Community Organization with the Leadership Team Coach who can help you reach your goals.

Consolution’s four-step process helps our Coordinator determine if your organization is a candidate for The Consolution Experience.


  1. Initial Meeting(s) – No Cost Consultation: Our Coordinator meets with executive leaders to listen and learn about your organization’s unique challenges. We introduce you to The Consolution Experience – an organizational operating system designed specifically to help Community Organizations thrive.
  2. Second Meeting – Presentation: If the executive leader (or board chair) decides our methods have merit, Consolution delivers a 90-minute presentation about The Consolution Experience to the organization’s (or board’s) leadership team.
  3. Contributor Support: Consolution finds Contributors to help partially fund your organization’s investment in our services, as needed.


  1. Commitment: The leadership team commits to enrolling in The Consolution Experience.
  1. Contributor Support: If needed, Consolution seeks Contributors to help partially fund your organization’s investment in our services.


  1. Fee Agreements: We bill our clients quarterly. The Consolution Experience is a pay-as-you-go system that doesn’t require a long-term commitment, but we recommend a two- to four-year engagement for best results. The leadership team can cancel services at any time.
  1. Plans of Action: Your Coordinator delivers written plans of action to clear your productivity roadblocks and achieve your goals. Documenting these plans creates clarity and assigns action steps.


  1. The Consolution Experience Begins: Our team goes to work! Your Community Organization commits to half- or full-day Consolution sessions to start embedding our processes, tools, and tactics into your operations. A Leadership Team Coach facilitates these sessions to help your team discover constructive solutions to your challenges and opportunities. Throughout The Consolution Experience, your Coordinator continues to monitor your progress. The Coordinator acts as an accountability director for all parties to ensure your organization receives the help—and results—you expect.