The Consolution Project is dedicated to keeping Community Organizations healthy, effective, and thriving! We believe the best way to make that happen is to invest in your people and your operations.

Who We Serve

We provide coaching and training for the leadership teams who do the day-to-day work of community organizations. Consolution serves not for profits, government agencies, and educational institutions.

What We Do

We help Community Organizations implement The Consolution Experience, an organizational operating system designed to optimize their performance and maximize their impact.

How We Help

Consolution works with an organization’s leaders on a long-term basis (typically 2-4 years) to imbed our system of processes, tools, and tactics into their operational DNA. Supported by our skilled team, leaders take an active “learning by doing” approach to:

  • Improve team health.
  • Increase organizational effectiveness.
  • Implement the organization’s vision and strategic blueprint.

In addition, we remove cash roadblocks by providing subsidies (as needed) to help organizations invest in our services. Our innovative funding plan gives Community Organizations–regardless of size or budget–access to The Consolution Experience.

The result? Resilient organizations that are prepared for the certainty of uncertainty.