Our Team

Our highly experienced team helps your Community Organization implement The Consolution Experience. We provide training, funding assistance, and plans of action to optimize your performance and maximize your impact.

Technology Solutions

25 Years of Business Technology Solutions

TechHouse has over 25 years of experience providing consulting services and customized IT solutions for corporate, mid-market, and small organizations.​ Each TechHouse team member firmly believes that small and mid-market organizations are critical to local communities’
health.​ Our team is easy to work with and ready to help your organization thrive by designing custom-fit solutions.​​ Unlike other tech companies, we take a holistic approach to your organization and help create a roadmap for your organization’s success.

About TechHouse:

Creative: We design solutions that straighten the paths to your goals. We think outside the box. If the solution you need doesn’t already exist, we build it.

Dedicated: We help you meet your goals. We reduce friction within individual organizations so that their successes can benefit entire communities.

Ethical: We recognize that we are all in this together. We are committed to building a better world. We recommend services that help you reach your goals.

Compassionate: We understand what it is like to bring a vision alive. We work with you to remove obstacles and celebrate with you when you achieve your goals.