Our Team

Our highly experienced team of Coordinators, Coaches, and Consultants find constructive solutions for your organization’s challenges and opportunities. They work together to provide you with the right coach, funding assistance, and a custom plan of action to clear your roadblocks and achieve your goals.

Kim Vappie

Certified EOS Implementer

Kim has a background in helping people get what they want from their careers.  Kim’s focus has been to better operationalize organizations and align people’s talents to create results.  Kim knows how difficult it is to run an organization.  In 2002 at the ripe old age of 26, she bought a business (Menttium Corporation) which created and delivered formal corporate mentoring systems.  Kim was the COO through 2008, and then served as Menttium’s CEO.  There were many days when Kim fluctuated between overwhelming panic (that key employees would quit and that she could move fast enough to stay relevant) and hopefulness (that she could create a bigger, better future for her team).

In 2006, Kim discovered EOS and put the tools into action in her business. She witnessed immediate lift, better results, and more accountability throughout the organization. Kim now spends her time on three obsessions:

  1. Coaching individuals on their leadership effectiveness
  2. Helping growth-oriented organizations create healthy, functional and cohesive leadership teams
  3. Mastering EOS

Kim leverages her leadership development expertise alongside her entrepreneurial experience to address both team and organizational challenges.  She loves working with teams to unscramble complexities and get to the core issues that they want to work on.  Not likely to put her foot in her mouth, Kim thinks first and speaks second.  Clients appreciate Kim for being thoughtful, but honest in her approach.

If you’ve read this far, you may also be interested in these details:

  • Kim has experience with start-ups, and became an early-stage investor a Silicon Valley tech company that is currently flourishing.
  • Kim is currently a licensed attorney in the state of Minnesota.
  • Kim’s experience includes working for three Fortune 500 organizations and a non-profit before plunging into business ownership.
  • Kim volunteers and has served on Boards for several non-profit organizations.
  • Kim lives in Minnesota (on some really cold days, she’s not sure why) with her husband and two boys.