Our Team

Our highly experienced team helps your Community Organization implement The Consolution Experience. We provide training, funding assistance, and plans of action to optimize your performance and maximize your impact.

Jay Rothman

President of The ARIA Group, Inc.

Jay Rothman, Ph.D., is known internationally for his work in identity-based conflict resolution and participatory evaluation. He moved from the US in 2012 to be the first full-time Professor of Conflict Resolution in Israel. In 2020 he returned to international consulting, facilitation and mediation practice as President of the ARIA Group, Inc. (www.ariagroup.com). The company marks its 20th year as a leading conflict resolution training, consulting and evaluation association, assisting leaders, organizations, communities and individuals around the world challenged by conflict and seeking assistance to forge more collaborative futures. He is also a Research Fellow at the Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations, Hebrew University.

Dr. Rothman’s projects have included:

  • Facilitating collaborative visioning, goal monitoring and implementation, & change management processes across some 200 organizations and communities in more than a dozen countries with over 5000 participants.
  • Supporting a diverse communities to increase commitment and effectiveness in fostering inclusion and pluralism.
  • Teaching conflict resolution in formal and informal settings across the globe.
  • Conflict coaching and mediating between individuals and groups locked in deep and unproductive conflict.
  • Co-leading a global online course “Leaning in to Conflict.”
  • Providing executive coaching and participatory visioning processes.

Professor Rothman is a sought-after keynote speaker (see Peacemaking from the Inside Out ) and has conducted training programs and workshops in the USA, Bulgaria, Canada, Columbia, Cyprus, The Czech Republic, England, France, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Moldova, Palestine, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Spain and Sri Lanka. He has delivered over 50 conference presentations, and has written over 50 journal articles, chapters and 5 books (see Link). His work has been widely featured in the media, including in the NY Times, BBC, and NPR. Over last 2 decades he has secured grant-support of over $3 million from The Pew Charitable Trusts, The Hewlett Foundation, The Adenauer Foundation, The United States Institute of Peace, The Andrus Family Fund, to research and develop his methodology of participatory and empowering evaluation (Action Evaluation).