Our Team

Our highly experienced team helps your Community Organization implement The Consolution Experience. We provide training, funding assistance, and plans of action to optimize your performance and maximize your impact.

Erin Werde

President of The Instinctive Advantage

Erin has served as President of The Instinctive Advantage (formerly Affiance Coaching) since 2012. As a Kolbe-Certified Consultant, she has introduced thousands of individuals to Kolbe Wisdom.™ Erin continues to be inspired each day by the philosophy of “living within your instincts” — doing work that is consistent with your “natural way” of getting things done.  Erin believes that using Kolbe Wisdom™ in the workplace makes for the most efficient use of time and resources and creates more fulfilling work. Her passion comes through in all of her client engagements.

As a Consolution Coach, she helps community organizations optimize teamwork by using Kolbe Wisdom™ to discover each person’s instinctive talents.

Erin holds dual master’s degrees from the University of Minnesota—a Master’s in Public Policy and a Master’s in Social Work. Her formal education allows her to evaluate issues on a macro level while understanding and communicating with clients individually.

Erin resides in St. Louis Park, MN, with her husband, Skylar, and sons Eli and Micah.