Marcy Harris

Integrator.    Trusted Advisor.    Change Agent.

Marcy Harris brings a strong passion for serving the non-profit community to her new role in The Consolution Project. In over 30 years as a practicing attorney, she has specialized in working with and for nonprofit organizations and their Boards. A versatile advisor, she’s conducted training on fiduciary roles and responsibilities, strategic planning, and operational standards. She has significant experience and expertise in grant writing, and has also worked with state agencies as a nationally certified trainer, conducting results oriented and best practices training. In addition, she provides personal and small business financial management and professional organization services through her company, Sisters United Management and Consulting GBC.

In her role as Director of Finance & Administration for The Consolution Project, Marcy is the contact for Consolutionists seeking to schedule training or consulting and for supporters interested in donation or sponsorship opportunities.