Our Results

Steve’s unique perspective and constant drive for improvement have been instrumental to my professional development. He challenges me to dig deeper, think differently, and provides additional support and resources for my clients. There is no question that I am a better consultant because of his mentorship.”

Erin Werde, President, Instinctive Advantage Consultants

 Why We’re Effective

    • Our Skilled Team – The Consolution Experience is delivered by top-tier coaches with deep experience working in the public and private sectors. Steve Lear (Consolution Coordinator) and Kim Vappie (Leadership Team Coach) successfully implemented management operating systems that improved their own businesses, inspiring them to create a system designed specifically to optimize the impact of community organizations. Supported by the expertise of Consultants Erin Werde and Marcy Harris, this team is passionate about delivering collaborative, transparent, and dynamic training.
    • Results-Oriented Methodology – We leverage our discovery-focused system of proven processes, tools, and tactics into plans of action that achieve results. Our Coach becomes the leadership team’s facilitator and sounding board as they install and implement The Consolution Experience into their operations. The Coordinator monitors training to make sure it’s producing expected results.
    • Innovative Funding – Our funding model benefits both Community Organizations and Contributors:
      • Subsidies, generously funded by our Contributors, make The Consolution Experience accessible to every Community Organization.
      • Contributors can choose to direct their support to organizations whose values and vision align with their own.

The result? Resilient organizations that can handle any challenge or opportunity.

Read what our clients have to say about The Consolution Experience:

It was surprising how invisible the Kolbe patterns/tendencies were to me before; how accurate the findings were and how much being aware of them is a game-changer in management and interacting with others…Kolbe, for you and your leadership team, is a surprisingly incisive and insightful tool and a gift that keeps on giving.”

-Yona Shem-Tov and Dan Lange, Encounter

Steve Lear and his team began working with us during a critical moment for our organization and made all the difference in getting us to where we needed to be as a team, leading the organization. Their practical methodology and tools, and their relentless curiosity about us, our needs, and internal dynamics made all the difference.”

-Executive Director of a Middle East community organization under the academic sponsorship of the Harvard Negotiation Project

I’m definitely seeing more structure in our organization, more effectiveness. Our leadership team is working better together. And as we’ve rolled this out to some of our teams, it’s really helped to improve the functionality of the team itself…it’s helped us focus our goals to have metrics and ways to measure our impact and success. I think this training is excellent. We wouldn’t be able to work with Kim V. if it weren’t for the support of The Consolution Project. It’s been extremely helpful.”

-Michelle Horovitz, Co-Founder and Vice President of Innovation, Appetite for Change

Consolution gave us a toolbox and process to help our executive leadership come together as a team, recognize one another’s strengths and assets, and have meaningful conversations about challenges and issues.”

-Michael Waldman, Chief Executive Officer, Minnesota JCC

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