The Consolution Experience is an investment in your greatest resource—your people—and their methods to achieve their mission. We created our organizational operating system specifically to help not for profits, government agencies, and educational institutions operate more efficiently and effectively.


Your Community Organization needs to make decisions and solve problems. We get it! We’ve worked to support Community Organizations for over 40 years; we value your services and understand your challenges.

In these times of unprecedented change, it’s not enough to survive; we want you to thrive! So, we designed The Consolution Experience, an organizational operating system that helps Community Organizations optimize their performance and maximize their impact.

But a key challenge for many of you is finding the funds to invest in your people and operations. Consolution changes that! The Consolution Project is a unique partnership of Coordinators and Leadership Team Coaches who work with Contributors to help fund our services.

Our shared mission? Helping Community Organizations thrive!


Rather than offering solutions to specific problems, we deliver a comprehensive approach with a complete organizational operating system to transform the way your Community Organization gets results. TCE simplifies your operations with processes, tools, and tactics that help to optimize your performance. Our experienced team supports executive leaders and leadership teams in three key areas, as they discover how to:

  • Enhance team health and develop leadership.
  • Increase organizational effectiveness with improved decision making and project management.
  • Implement the organization’s vision and strategic blueprint.

Building structure and accountability into all facets of your operations lead to results. As you make decisions faster and with less frustration, productivity improves, allowing you to focus on your highest priority – the people you serve.


We also provide additional one-on-one coaching to executive leaders trying to build their organizational capacity—and maintain their sanity! We develop actionable plans for personal and professional growth where leaders learn how to:

  • Build confidence in their ability to lead a team and make decisions.
  • Create other leaders.
  • Understand the consequences of their actions.
  • Use their Coach as an advisor and sounding board while working through solutions to their challenges.

Discover how we can help your organization thrive!

Contact Steve Lear ( at The Consolution Project (952-905-4805) to set up a free consultation.

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