Become a Consolution Contributor

Consolution Contributors are dedicated to clearing one of the toughest roadblocks organizations face: a lack of cash to improve their health, effectiveness, and sustainability.

Contributors, you are the critical link between Community Organizations seeking to enhance their operations and the Leadership Team Coaches who can increase their effectiveness.

The key to making The Consolution Experience accessible and affordable is a network of Contributors who understand that it’s not enough to fund programs. We must also find ways to invest in an organization’s greatest resource: its people. An organization cannot achieve its mission unless it invests in the people doing the work and its methods to reach their goals.

How to Support us: Help organizations to participate in The Consolution Experience by supporting one of our funds:

  • Capital Call Fund – your donation helps Community Organizations pay part of their investment in The Consolution Experience.
  • General Fund – you donation helps fund Consolution’s operating budget.


  • Affordable training: your support makes it possible for Community Organizations to invest in The Consolution Experience.
  • Increased focus: your support allows our team to focus on training rather than fundraising.
  • Funding choices – you can select who to fund, choosing organizations whose values and vision align with your own.
  • Community organization commitment – leaders are already committed to The Consolution Experience before we request funds from our Contributors. Leadership support increases the chance that your investment will produce results.
  • Maximum return on investment: when organizations commit to The Consolution Experience, their communication, decision making, and problem solving improve. Teams begin to use processes and tools to measure and report progress. Measurement creates accountability, which helps Contributors to see the impact of their investment. Contributors will receive reports on the outcome and impact of their donations.

Together, let’s invest in the future of our Community Organizations and the people they serve!

Contact Steve Lear ( at The Consolution Project (952-905-4805) to become a Consolution Contributor.