Coaches / Consultants

Become a Consolution Coach or Consultant

A Consolution Coach works with a Community Organization’s leadership team, focusing on the people responsible for solving challenges and addressing opportunities. The Coach is the team’s sounding board and facilitator as they install the tools and processes of The Consolution Experience into their operations. Our full training program features five specific deliverables: leadership development, team health, organizational effectiveness, strategic planning, and decision making and project management (see chart below.)

A Consolution Consultant also works with the leadership team but focuses on a certain challenge to be solved. The Consultant is a specialist, offering training in a particular deliverable or a specific tool.

The Consolution Experience Chart



  • client referrals: We match our Coaches and Consultants’ skill sets with the Community Organization’s unique needs.
  • referral fees: Coaches and Consultants who refer clients to Consolution receive a referral fee.
  • training materials: We provide our team members with access to all the tools and processes we use in The Consolution Experience
  • mentoring: Our Coaches and Consultants have the option to work one-on-one with a Consolution Coordinator. Mentoring will advance your understanding of our processes and develop your expertise in using our tools for team members new to our methods. Mentoring will also clarify the operational differences between the public and private sectors for team members new to this training arena.
  • certification: You’ll have the opportunity to expand your skills by becoming certified in The Consolution Experience (coming soon).

Join our growing network! Contact Steve Lear ( or Marcy Harris ( at The Consolution Project (952-905-4805) to learn more about becoming a member of the Consolution team.