Optimize Your Performance

We created an organizational operating system to help your Community Organization thrive –
with Contributors to help you fund it!

Maximize Your Impact

We created an organizational operating system to help your Community Organization thrive –
with Contributors to help you fund it!

Realize Your Mission

We created an organizational operating system to help your Community Organization thrive –
with Contributors to help you fund it!

Consolution helps you find constructive solutions

You believe in making a difference. We believe in you. To help your Community Organization thrive, we created an organizational operating system to optimize your performance and maximize your impact. We deliver solutions to enhance team health, improve organizational effectiveness, and create a clear vision and strategic blueprint.

How We Help Your Organization Thrive








Your Vision &
Strategic Blueprint


Decision Making &
Project Management

“I’m definitely seeing more structure in our organization, more effectiveness. Our leadership team is working better together. And as we’ve rolled this out to some of our teams, it’s really helped to improve the functionality of the team itself…it’s helped us focus our goals to have metrics and ways to measure our impact and our success.
I think this training is excellent. We wouldn’t be able to work with Kim V. if it weren’t for the support of the Consolution Project. It’s been extremely helpful.”

Michelle Horovitz, Co-Founder and Vice President of Innovation, Appetite for Change

“Thanks to funding from the Consolution Project, I have witnessed teams increase their productivity, set and work towards ambitious goals and create more harmonious work environments. In turn, this has a dramatic effect on the non-profits ability to achieve their mission. While for-profit businesses often have access to these tools, I have seen non-profits often count themselves out due to the high cost of these professional services. The Consolution Project makes it possible for non-profits to yield great benefits from these tools.”

Erin Werde, President, Instinctive Advantage

Not only did we learn about ourselves and each other, we were able to build better bonds to help us after leaving the workshop. Since working with Erin, our department is more communicative about work and understanding of each other’s working styles which has made us more effective in the long run.”

Heather Villars, Director of Marketing, Minneapolis Jewish Federation

Thank you… for your tremendous commitment—which at bottom is spiritual—to improving the culture and deepening the capacity of our community’s non-profits. That is a gift that will endure across the generations in both day-to-day outcomes and the stronger foundations it will produce for our organizations.”

Steve Hunegs, Executive Director, Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas

Thought Leadership

December 10, 2020

Success Story: Minnesota JCCs Combine with Support from TCP

THE CLIENT’S PERSPECTIVE: When we started working with The Consolution Project, we were “working on combining two organizations with almost identical missions and operating models, but significantly different organizational cultures. Consolution gave us a toolbox and process to help our executive leadership come together as a team, recognize one another’s strengths and assets, and have […]

November 5, 2020

Preparing Clients for the Certainty of Uncertainty

Empowering clients to live boldly and do good is at the heart of Steve Lear’s work as a financial planner. Especially in a year like 2020, that work matters. In a recent conversation, Steve talked with us about his hopes for the future, the importance of philanthropy, and why financial planners have a critical role […]

October 30, 2020

Getting from Good to Great

Need a blueprint for how to build a great organization? You’ll find one in “Good to Great and the Social Sectors: Why Business Thinking is Not the Answer” from top management consultant Jim Collins. In just 35 pages, Collins applies his business savvy to the unique challenges faced by the social sector. His advice? Community […]